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Italvista.com offers travel information and tips on a wide variety of important topics. These articles and tips on travel to Italy were written to be both informative and insightful, but most of all they were written answer many of the questions travelers to Italy often have about the culture and lifestyle in Italy. Please feel free to read some of these tips before you depart on your trip. If you have any other questions not covered in one of these topics please contact us through our SPECIAL REQUESTS.


Safe Travel To Italy 2005...

If you're an American or Canadian with second thoughts about a trip to Italy, don't make any rash decisions. Canceling a flight or tour is likely to be expensive--and you may come to regret it.


Here are some facts to consider before saying no to an Italian vacation:

Flying is still the safest form of travel. It's often said that you're more likely to get into an accident driving to the airport than you are on an airplane. An old saying of course--but there is truth to it.

Foreign tourists very rarely encounter problems in Italy or all of Europe for that matter. Pickpockets and purse-snatching are a problem in some cities, but you're very unlikely to be mugged (let alone physically harmed) on an Italian vacation.

European airport security is tighter than in the U.S. or Canada. Don't be surprised to see paramilitary guards with submachine guns patrolling. Rome and Milan airports also have several levels of security for transatlantic flights--meaning that you might put your luggage through one X-ray machine to enter the passenger terminal, then through another before entering a secure gate area. Boarding systems that match passengers with their checked luggage at the gate are also common.

If you look at the facts objectively, it's hard to turn down an Italian vacation for safety reasons--which is why thousands of travelers are still planning trips to Italy this summer.


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